We know what you like

An ideal living space for a student is one that has excellent connectivity, practical spaces that gives you the freedom to come and go, suited for the style of life. When you choose Condohotel you’ll be able to focus more on your school activities. Our urban concept is adaptable to new generations, those who seek a personalized service being self-sufficient & autonomous. All of this can be found in our installations having safety in mind in order to indulge your stay.

Never feel homesick again…

Being away from home can be difficult, the Condohotel Urbano communities are built on mutual respect, living in harmony in a family base environment.  We are sure that you will feel comfortable. Keeping in touch with your family and friends will be easy because our buildings are equipped with Wi-fi connections in all areas.

Join our GREEN RESIDENCE program and help us to transmit new values and conscious on how to care for the environment. Our program cares for your well-being and our planet.  Being part of Green Residence is what is needed today.